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Getting a clear picture of what choices are most likely to significantly improve quality of life is challenging. There is so much information provided that is intended to hype an idea to make money.  N2E is a non-profit blog and portal that helps viewers see a more transparent path to health and newly discovered insights into our biology.

My Story

N2E had it's origins years ago as an information portal maintained by myself, Christopher Scott, Ph.D.  Now, years later the underlying premise - knowledge allows informed choice - still remains a contemporary concept.

My interest in biology goes back to my youth.  My parents have said many times that given the opportunity, for example a family trip to the East coast of Canada, I would be out looking for life under rocks and in the shoreline surf every chance I got.  I excelled at science and math in high school, particularly in biology.  As a gift for graduating successfully I participated in a month long scuba diving tour of the Florida Keys and the Cayman Islands. This blew me away - the beauty of the coral life, its abundance and the interrelationships of flora and fauna was fantastic.  I was hooked, biology in some for other, was my future.

First I did my undergrad B.Sc. at Guelph University, Canada, in human biology and genetics.  Next I went to University of Toronto for for a M.Sc. degree in Medical Genetics. Finally myself and my wife Sharon moved to San Diego, California, and there I spent 5 years getting my Ph.D. in molecular biology from The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla.

After a 3 year post-doc at University of San Diego, Medical Sciences I worked in biotech for 5 years.  Most recently I was a adjunct professor at University of San Diego and National University.  I now live in Toronto, Canada and am enrolled in a certificate program through Ryerson University in Big Data Analysis.

I intend to build the N2E website gradually but steadily.  So continue to revisit this site and follow its development.  Glad to have you aboard!


How we can grow together....

N2E is open to publish health and wellness stories from the public. Please send a text document with pictures, links and some form of authorship identification to me, Chris Scott, at Thanks!