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Greetings, N2E is being rebuilt from the ground up. The emphasis remains exploring, in a positive way, current events in biological science, and its potential for health and well-being. I will address “your health’ and “our health” on the non-blog pages.  Clearly the choices we make, and are made FOR us (ah-hem), are major factors in well-being and a sustainable environment. The scientific spin will focus initially on DNA…as we know health and disease are based in part on what we inherited from our mother and father…and then broaden to include other topics. The initial blogs will focus on next generation sequencing (NGS) and the rush to compare disease states with healthy states. The leader in NGS is clearly Illumina, based in San Diego. I am taking a course in analysis of genomic sequences right now, through Coursera.  The first big project I am working is finding single nucleotide variants (SNV) in the DNA – these are point mutations in the DNA.  There  appear to be tens of thousands of these differences when one compares three generations of a family.  Wow, that means the fidelity of our DNA is more mutable than we realize.  So, tally-ho until tomorrow!


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